Arron Harden - Full stack architect and lead engineer

Arron Harden

> Software architect & lead

> Full stack

> Cloud / SaaS

About Me

I'm a full stack ​architect and lead software engineer​, who has most recently been leading a team developing components for a Cloud / Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) application from IBM, which assesses and monitors the quality and bias of AI and ML models.

Having spent my time both leading teams and down in the trenches as we moved from developing monolithic on-prem applications to fully elastic cloud native micro-services, I'm now a full convert to the cloud native approach. At its best, this can deliver robust, scalable and secure applications.

I enjoy the architectural challenges of designing a robust application, as well as switching gears to get involved developing the code as well. It doesn't matter whether it's user-interface code or backend micro-service implementation, I'm happy in any environment and believe having a view across the entire application stack makes for better, more informed decisions.

Key technology and skills
  • Technical team leadership for cloud native applications
  • Continuous delivery and agile project management
  • User-interfaces using Bootstrap, React, and pure Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Micro-service (REST API) design, definition and implementation
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud certified
  • Applications servers: Node.js, J2EE
  • Cloud services: Cloudant NoSql DB, Redis, etcd, DB2, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka, ObjectStorage
  • Toolchains: Kubernetes, Docker, GitHub, Jenkins
  • Main languages: Javascript, Java, Python

My work

The following are some of the projects and Cloud applications I've worked on over the years.
I am a co-inventor of 8 US software patents, ranging from user-interface accessibility adaptions, to encoding diagnostic information in QR codes, to automatic test case generation.
  • Interactive social media access to data systems
    Granted March 2019 as US patent number 10223432
  • Automatic test case generation
    Granted August 2017 as US patent number 9767008
  • Integrating data transform test with data transform tool
    Granted July 2017 as US patent number 9703849
  • Extract transform load input suggestion
    Granted October 2016 as US patent number 9471652
  • Encoding diagnostic data in an error message for a computer program
    Granted October 2016 as US patent number 9471412
  • Method and system for graphically emphasizing a path through a diagram
    Granted August 2015 as US patent number 9110575
  • Simplified graphical analysis of multiple data series
    Granted May 2014 as US patent number 8736613
  • Extract-transform-load processor controller
    Granted October 2013 as US patent number 9286361


You can connect with me using the following platforms, or just send an email to get in touch.